Building a Cello

September 01, 2016

I want to build a cello. At the very least I want to understand how one is constructed and put together. I've always liked wood working and have made a couple pieces of furniture. A desk, a coffee table, and a mirror are all nicely square; the hardest part in their construction is lining the joints up for a neat finish.

Nothing on a cello is square, much of it is hand carved and shaped. I still want to try, if only to be able to say I did try.

I've been watching videos, and reading books on the subject. Today I've taken the first real step forward - I downloaded a set of plans. Both for the cello and for the mold the ribs are constructed around. Making the mold is the first step. That's relatively straight-forward and well within my level of skill. Plywood and a sabre saw, sand paper and some fasteners.

Next will be getting some spruce and maple and trying to make the ribs. Carving out the arch on the back and belly of the instrument will be a real challenge. Not only will it require some investment in tools, it will require some investment in learning how to use them.

Carving the scroll and shaping it will be the most challenging part I suspect.

I don't have a deadline, just a dream. And idea. A desire.

I want to make my own cello.

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Mark H. Nichols

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